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FFII UK is the UK Chapter of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), a pan European network of programmers, academics, lawyers and companies defending a healthy competition in the field of software development.

Mainly known for defeating the CII / software patent directive at the European Parliament in 2005, FFII has been campaigning over the past fifteen years to protect innovation against patent inflation.

While FFII mostly focuses on European and International regulations, such as ACTA and TTIP, FFII UK seeks to educate British citizens about legal and political issues affecting their digital environment.

Petition against the ratification of the Unitary Software Patent treaty by the UK and Scotland

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FFII UK is made of volunteers concerned about freedoms related to our information society. You can join by subscribing to UK-PARL, the FFII public mailing list for UK-focussed discussion on software patents; alternatively and for further information feel free to simply contact our core team:

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FFII is registered as nonprofit organisation in various European countries. Whereas its main office is located in Munich, Germany, each National chapter operates independently. To make a donation to FFII UK you can either use Paypal, or proceed with a bank transfer.

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